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What is the Best Resume Format

Your resume is your unique calling card that serves to potential employers, at first glance, that you are worthy for the position.

Therefore, it is important to ensure your resume stands out. However, this does not always mean constructing an elaborate resume, which in some cases can work against you, as we will see later, but instead the right resume for what you have to offer.

When selecting the best resume format, the first thing you need to do is to consider how to format a resume and which resume style best enables you to display yourself in the best light.

There are different great resume formats for jobs to choose from; however, if you want to find the most effective resume formats for you, just read on.

Best Format for Resume

When selecting a new resume format for job, first take time to review your own skills, talent, work history, and experience, which will help you with selecting the best format for you.

There are 4 popular resume formats:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination or Hybrid Resume
  • Targeted

Chronological Job Resume Format

ok   The best resume format for highlighting your progression. 

If you’ve been in the same career for years, you’ve undoubtedly accumulated a steady stream of skills and experiences in that specific field, which can be beneficial when you are applying for another position within the same industry. Therefore, a chronological format for resume will be good for you.

A chronological resume lists in chronological order everything you have accomplished in your career over the years, beginning with your earliest work. 


If you’ve been out of the workforce for some time, or you have little experience in the position you are applying for, this type of format puts the focus on your skills rather than on your work history.


However, a chronological format may not be the best choice for individuals with diverse work experience.

chronological resume format example

1. Contact info includes an email address, phone number and your address.

2. Resume Objective is a 1-2 sentence intro to define your accomplishments and demonstrate your career ambitions.

3. Work Experience 
Outline your previous and present job titles in reverse chronological order.

4. Key SkillsTailor your hard and soft skills per job required skills.

5. EducationSpecify a college name and obtained degree.

Functional Job Resume Format

ok The best resume format for breaks in your work history or entering a new field.

If you have breaks in your employment history, or you are entering into an entirely different career, then a functional resume is the best format for you. 

A functional resume enables you to tailor your skills, talents, experience, and other abilities, to the specific position you are seeking. 


If you’ve been out of the workforce for some time, or you have little experience in the position you are applying for, this type of format puts the focus on your skills rather than on your work history.


Otherwise, if you have no breaks in your employment history, or you have experience in the field, this type of basic resume format might be too restrictive.

functional resume format example

1. Contact info should be the first thing the hiring manager sees.
2. Resume Objective is a brief statement of your skills and experience at the top of your resume.
3. Work Experience. Notice how short job history described. 
4. Key Skills. Include 3-4 juicy accomplishments of your relevant experience. This section has to be the strongest part of your resume.
5. Education. Indicate your highest degree, college name and year of graduation.

Combination or Hybrid Job Resume Format

ok The best resume format for individuals looking to make a career change.

If you are looking to move from one industry to another, then a combination format of resume may be the best for you, especially if you are an expert in the field.

The combination resume, also called a hybrid resume, enables you to list your qualifications, applicable skills, and specifically geared information, like a functional resume, as well as highlights everything you’ve done up until this point, like a chronological resume. 


This type of format is great for displaying to potential employers your well-developed skills and talent that are relevant to the position.


However, if you lack adequate skills and experience, it can look patchy.

Combination or hybrid resume format - template
1. Contact info. Add icons instead of words email or phone. Save more space and make your cv more attractive.
2. Resume Objective. Customize your skills to match the position you are applying for.
3. Work Experience. Start with your recent job and then inlude the previous positions.
4. Key Skills. Tailor a bullet list of accomplishments with quantitative data to each skill-related subheading.

5. Education section can be brief.

Targeted Job Resume Format

ok The best resume format to focus on one job position that is very important for you to grab.

If you found a job position that inspired you and you understand that you want to work only in this company, then a targeted resume will be the best format for you.

The targeted resume enables you to create your resume exactly for a definite job position. So you can properly describe your value as an employee.


This format increases your chances to be hired as it is the most specific and goal-oriented.


You’ll have to edit your resume very frequently.

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Resume Format

tip Before you begin, review the resume format sample.

Before you select a sample resume writing format, review a variety of free samples and templates that fit various employment situations. This will enable you to see what works for your particular case and what doesn’t by comparing your own employment history to generic samples. It’s also a good way to gain creative ideas concerning your format that will help you stand out from the pile and get noticed.

tip  Select a proper resume format to fit all of your information on one page.

Most recruiters want your resume to fit on a single page to help make skimming your information easier; however, if you have an extensive work history, try to select a simple resume format that enables you to list your qualifications in no more than two pages. 

tip Review the job listing.

Before selecting a professional resume format, review the job listing for what they are looking for, which will help you determine which format bests allows you to display the information needed. 

tipThe chronological standard resume format must focus on your work experience.

The chronological resume format enables potential employers to view your employment history in chronological order, which is great, provided you have lots of work experience in the position for which you are applying. It is also a good format for academic resumes as well as student-entry level applicants. On the other hand, if you have gaps in your career history, a chronological resume format might not be the best format because it enables potential employers to see this. 

tip Remember, the functional resume format focuses on your skills.

The functional resume format enables you to display your broad range of skills and talents; therefore, it is great for positions that value your skills rather than your employment history, as opposed to the chronological resume format that focuses on your work history. The functional resume format is ideal for candidates who don’t want to play on their qualifications, creative positions that value a portfolio most, and individuals transitioning in the military. 

tip The hybrid resume must focus on your work experience and skills.

The combination or hybrid resume combines all the best features of both the functional resume and the chronological resume into one resume format. Current resume format is the best for experienced professionals applying for highly skilled positions because it allows them to highlight their honed skills and experience in the field. It is also a good resume format example for those looking to change their career, as well as individuals with breaks in their work history.

resume tipsTIP: The best resume format compliments what you have to offer by enabling you to highlight your skills, talents, and work experience in a way that allows potential employers to appreciate them


Knowing what skills and abilities you have that relate to the position and then formatting them in a way that enables you to feature them can help you stand out among other applicants.

No matter, which resume format template you select, it should be easy to follow, which makes it easier for potential employers to skim over your document to get a general picture of everything it is they need to know to consider you for the position. Otherwise, you run the risk of the reader being put off by your resume, which can thereby cause you to lose the opportunity to another candidate.

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