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5 Best IT Resume Writing Services Detailed Rewiew

The most advanced software and information technology (IT) services industry in the world is in the US. The industry is estimated at $1.8 trillion and is one of the most dynamic in the world. For today there is more than 525,000 software and IT services companies with 11.8 million people are employed.

The salaries of specialists in the IT industry are usually higher than the salaries of workers operate within other areas. In accordance with a PayScale Salary statistic for IT Industry payment ranges from approximately $39,390 per year for PC Technician to $124,457 per year for IT Director.

How to Identify a Good IT Technical Resume Writer?

We have analyzed the resumes submitted by IT professionals on the well-known job-seeking websites in the USA and noticed that most of them are large and a good quality. That means that there is so much competition over high-paying jobs, and even if you are a good specialist in your field, you need to be able to present yourself using a well-written resume.

So, if you want to know how to write a technical resume you need to know some tricks.

Can You Write Your Resume as Good as IT Technical Resume Writer?

Writing a technical resume for professionals in this industry implies a clear understanding of employer requirements. In addition, it’s important to understand the particularities of numerous work areas for developers in order to properly evaluate their competence, emphasizing their professional strengths for the employer. As well as an understanding of software development cycles.

Only the best IT resume writers who have relevant work experience or at least have worked as an HR for IT industry companies be up to the task. There’s no way to understand the IT industry’s work details within a short time period, at the same time a resume composed of general skills won’t work here.

IT professionals are generally prized for their technical skills, although when it comes to Project Managers, Soft Skills are equally or even more valued. Each position requires experience working with a specific type of software.

For example, if you are a developer, you can’t possibly have equally high levels of knowledge of several programming languages. As a rule, you use a couple of them, which allows you to be a valuable asset for a company you apply for.

The IT industry does not stand still. It requires constant monitoring of their trends as well as requests from employers.

Do not forget that your resume will go through two phases of the selection process if you apply for the position in a large company. At first, your resume possesses through the Applicant Tracking System and then is getting to HR. Therefore, in addition to the attractive formatting, the resume should contain special correct resume keywords understandable for ATS machines. This way you can pass the initial selection by the candidate tracking system.

Where Can you Find Professional IT Resume Writers?

Because of the popularity of IT jobs, writing this type of resume is a tidbit for Information Technology Resume Writing Services. That’s why it is important to understand the difference between bad and high-quality IT resume writing services.

Besides specialized Technical Resume Writing Service, freelance resume writers also undertake writing a tech resume on employment exchanges such as Upwork, Linkedin, Fiverr. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of the aforesaid method are that you cannot check the tech resume writer’s qualification and make sure he has professional certification.

So we have chosen 5 best IT resume services that cherish their reputation from our point of view. They hire only certified professionals with extensive work experience, and also offer additional customer services for this purpose. For example, they provide a guarantee of a return on invested funds or rewriting a resume if you don’t land a job interview within 30-90 days.

5 Best IT resume writing services:

  1. Find My Profession
  2. Great Resumes Fast
    Find My Profession
    • Services:
    • Linkedin Writing
    • Resume Writing
    • Cover Letter Writing
    • Pricing:
    • IT/Engineering Resume Package $695
    • Premium Package $795
    • VIP Gold Package $1095
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    Great Resume Fast
    • Services:
    • IT Resume Writing
    • Professional Resume Writing
    • C-Level Resume Writing
    • LinkedIn Profile Writing
    • Networking Power Letters
    • Pricing:
    • IT Resume Package $799
    • VIP Premium Package $1199
    • VIP Platinum Package $1899
    Visit Site
    • Services:
    • LinkedIn Profiles
    • Tech/IT Resume
    • Proofreading
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Cover Letter
    • Pricing:
    • IT Resume Written $229.95
    • IT Resume + Cover Letter Pack $299.95
    • IT Resume Arsenal $319.95
    Visit Site
    • Services:
    • Information Technology Resume
    • Courses
    • Pricing:
    • There isn’t a fixing price.
      On average it costs $750
      to build an IT resume.
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    • Services:
    • Resume Writing
    • Resume Refresh
    • Resume Distribution
    • Cover Letter Writing
    • Linkedin Profile Development
    • Interview Coaching
    • Pricing:
    • Student/Entry $199.95-$499.95
    • Mid-Career $299.95-$599.95
    • Professional $399.95-$699.95
    • Executive $549.95-$849.95
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5 Best Technical Resume Writing Services



This web-site obtains one of the first positions as a result of the searching on Resume or Cover Letter words, in search systems Google. You can find here a lot of advice about Resume and Cover Letter writing, LinkedIn Makeover, writing an IT resume, job search and Interview Guidance. They provide a high price of technical resume services, but you receive resume quality more than the money you spend.

Services:  Linkedin Writing, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing.

Additional Free Services: Samples Resume, a lot of professional advice articles.

IT Packages:

    • IT/Engineering Resume Package: IT/Engineering Resume
    • Premium Package: IT/Engineering Resume+ Cover Letter
    • VIP Gold Package: IT/Engineering Resume+ Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile


    • IT/Engineering Resume Package – $695.
    • Premium Package – $795.
    • VIP Gold Package – $1095.

    Guarantee: This IT resume service provides a “60-day interview guarantee”, it means if you don’t receive noticeably more interviews after using our IT resume writing service, they’ll rewrite your resume one time at no additional charge.

    Delivery: You will receive your first draft for review within 3–5 business days.

    Customer Support: You can call them or write feedbacks, ask questions by email or using the contact form.

    it resume example

    There is no one negative of 108 feedbacks that was has written on

    Here are some reviews from the customers who used their technical resume service:

    “Excellent quality resume work for leader positions. Talent managers work very hard to meet client requirements.”


    “Andy was such a friendly professional who did such a great job on my resume. I did have one grammatical error on my finished copy which for the price I paid was a little concerning that only one set of eyes may have been looking through the final work. However, we are human so I understand we are not immune to mistakes!”


    “I was hesitant at first to invest in an outside provider to update my resume, but with the job market being as competitive as it is I felt it would be worth the try. Within 48 hours of posting my newly written resume, I had multiple job offers. Amber was extremely polished and gave excellent advice. I highly recommend working with Find My Profession.”

    Kimberly Thomas



    In addition to a large number of services provided by this company, you can find Blog 163 pages long, filled with articles related to career and work. Also, there are Resume Templates of exceptional quality. Resumes are correct, filled with keywords and specific terms peculiar to a certain job.

    Services: IT Resume Writing, Professional Resume Writing, C-Level Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Networking Power Letters.

    Additional Free Services: This service proposes hundreds of professional advice articles.


    • IT Resume Package: IT Resume, Customizable Cover Letter. Cost: $799.
    • VIP Premium Package: IT Resume, Customizable Cover Letter, LinkedIn Basic Package. Cost: $1199.
    • VIP Platinum Package: IT Resume, Customizable Cover Letter, LinkedIn Basic Package, Executive Career Biography, Thank You Letter, Reference Letter, Professional Recruiter Distribution. Cost: $1899.

    Guarantee: They guarantee that you will have interviews within 60 days or they will rewrite it for free as long as you take part in the complimentary 30-minute job coaching call.

    Delivery: The delivery is within 3-5 business days after you complete your consultation.

    Customer Support: You can contact support toll-free by calling 1-800-991-5187 or fill out their online contact form.

    example it resume

    Here are some client’s reviews:

    “When it came to re-writing my resume which had received no attention in the past 10 years, contacting Great Resumes Fast was the best choice I could have made. Chelsea set my expectations from the beginning and followed through 100%. She made the process easy, comfortable, and delivered a product that I am so proud of. She knew exactly how to present my professional experience in a way that is attention-getting, relevant, and make me sound pretty amazing.”

    Sarah Secrist

    “What mostly I like about Great Resumes Fast is the thorough interview they provide their client with. Matilda called me for +2 hours discussing every single aspect & achievement of my 19 years’ career.
    Then she completely rewrote my resume to better present my strengths and accomplishments. It became a new CV with much better content and layout.”

    Najib Alhuraibi

    “The phone conversation was very thorough and she asked questions to really get uncover my experience and skills. It showed when I got my resume back. Throughout multiple interviews, everyone commented on how awesome my resume looked. Ultimately I landed the job I really wanted”.

    Devin Adkins



    A lot of thank-you reviews on this website about services they provided indicate the high quality of their work and customer care. We also checked the review on or and have no findings of single negative feedback. The price of their services is sufficiently democratic, however, the quality of Resume Templates demonstrates the high level of professionalism of the writers they hired.

    Services: LinkedIn Profiles, Tech/IT Resume, Proofreading, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Cover Letter.


    • IT Resume Written — $229.95
    • IT Resume and Cover Letter Package — $299.95
    • IT Resume Arsenal — $319.95

    example of it resume

    Guarantee: If you have no interview after 60 days, ResumeWriters will continue rewriting your order until you’re successful.

    Delivery: Delivery usually happens in 72 hours.

    Customer Support: You can email support at [email protected] or call them at (866) 356-2789 Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM EST.



    This is a specialized information technology resume writing service. You can find not only an IT resume writing but also take courses that are held for experts from IT, such as Data Management, Information Management, etc. In additional there is a blog are divided by categories that issue relates to writing a technical resume and a section with a grateful customer’s feedbacks.

    Services:  Information Technology Resume, Courses.

    Additional Free Services: Tips and Articles, Resume Samples.

    resume example for it professional

    Courses: Learn how to write your own technical resume, A Career Framework for Technology Professionals, Careers in Data Management and Information Management, Careers in Information Management, Careers in Data Management, Technical Resume Writing Course.

    Pricing: There isn’t a fixing price. On average it costs $750 to build an IT resume.

    Guarantee: It does not provide.

    Customer Support: Email: [email protected] (this is the preferred method of communication). Phone: (425) 442-3706 (between 11am and 5pm Pacific)



    This Service can write resumes in 56 industries. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of Resume Templates you can check, so it’s difficult to gain a prior first-hand impression of the resume writers. We have noted an unusual niche this service has occupied – writing resumes for Oil and Gas Industry.

    The user’s confidence is built mostly on the personal President’s brand whose name is Amos Tayts.

    Services: Resume Writing, Resume Refresh, Resume Distribution, Cover Letter Writing, Technical Resume Writing, 24 Hour Rush, 48 Hour Rush, Linkedin Profile Development, Interview Coaching.

    Additional Free Services: Resume Samples & Templates for Students, Mid-Career, Professionals, etc. Blog with Career Advices, Free Resume Review.

    it tech resume example


    • Student Resume Packages & Pricing – from $199.95 to $499.95
    • Mid-Career Resume Writing- from $299.95- to $599.95
    • Resume Writing for Professionals – from $399.95 to $699.95
    • Executive Resume Packages & Pricing – from $549.95 to $849.95
    • Resume Refresh- from $149.95 to $299.95

    Guarantee: 90 Day Interview Guarantee.

    Delivery: 3 Business Day in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

    Customer Support: Live Chat, tel. 1-888-385-4712

    The 3 Worst Resume Writing Services for IT Professionals



    At first glance, this website makes a good impression. This is cannot be said that it’s poorly designed. Here you can find a separate block of useful information full of career tips, IT resume writing, etc. There’s a blog with more than 100 articles here, as well. But make no mistake;

    Customers who have used their services left the following reasons for their frustration:

    • Once you gave your credit card’s details you’ll get an unwilling subscription for their services/ It will require your mandatory monthly payment. You would be able to cancel it by phone only, that impossible to get ahold of.
    • The ready resume contains grammatical errors, that could have a negative impact on your reputation when you’ll apply for the position.

    Here are some feedback quotes from Trustpilot:

    “I am hugely disappointed. There were errors in the resume, including address, employment date, job title, etc.”

    Gwinn I.

    “They do not provide a professional review like they claim (they don’t catch grammatical errors, do not suggest a different, more appropriate categories for your input in a resume, terrible attitude when you ask for a review after a few changes”

    Review by OnHa

    “Waste your time writing a resume on the free trial only to find out you won’t be able to print it or do anything unless you cough up the cash. Then be careful if you do because it’s just like magazine sales – they’ll sign you up for recurring billing, whether you like it or not.”

    Todd S.



    The professionally designed website dispelling the doubts that it is short-term businesses set up. A large brightly executed blog is filled with a large number of colorful articles. It also is useful. But the trouble comes from where you do not expect them. Here’s what customers have written about this Writing Service:

    “They are slow as heck, produce shoddy quality, and take 2-3 days for every revision, and sometimes they don’t fully read the revision requests you make.”

    Roger Palmer

    “Everything that I am receiving is a 100% generic template, lots of typos and formatting issues.”

    Elena Batrukova

    “The technical writing resume ability of the people assigned to me was extremely poor. I believe they outsourced this to the Philippines. My finished product in both the resume and linkedin package had spelling and grammatical errors throughout the page.”

    Gabriel Heck

    This service cannot be called a fraudulent, but the company doesn’t try to keep their clients. They’ll select you a resume template. They don’t want to accommodate your interests as well as use the most suitable format for your resume, which can’t underline your strengths.

    In addition, the IT resume writer makes grammatical errors, which indicate their low qualifications. Also, the client’s pointed out the slow speed of work as well as responses to requests.



    There’s not much to tell! Three reviews show that it is a Scam. First, they required to pay for resume review, then $100 more for fixing it. Finally, instead of the shining resume, you receive your original document converted from Word to PDF. Here are a couple of reviews:

    “Total scam – got taken for 5.00 resume review and 99.00 “fix” – just got a PDF, what a rip off.”


    “After a couple of weeks, I needed to change some wording on my resume (a limited amount of changes were included as part of the service) and asked the folks at resumes-experts to do their magic and send me back the new file. No answer. I got an answer saying that my resume was not optimized, that required a bunch of changes and, sure enough, that they would fix it for more $$!!! .”

    Gian Marino Di Gregorio

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