Perfect profile on LinkedIn

10 Secrets of the Perfect Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn makeover opens many doors for those who know when and how to knock on them.

If you are trying to make a good impression on future employers or potential customers and customers, your LinkedIn profile should stand out from the crowd. Of course, in a good way, and not with the help of various kinds of absurdities.

When you creating a LinkedIn page, it is important to understand how your profile can be adapted to different tasks in order to get the most out of it.


Isobel Techner, head of social media marketing for Link Humans, claims that a LinkedIn profile is not just a summary. This is a place where real professionals can demonstrate their best “assets” and achievements.

“A well-designed LinkedIn profile can help you achieve significant success in your work, whether it is finding potential customers, partners, investors and, of course, employers”, –  says Ms. Techner.

At the same time, product manager for LinkedIn profiles Alexis Baird argues that the LinkedIn profile is one of the first moments with which experts can make a good impression on recruiters who will check them on social networks.

“Even if you understand why it is so important to create a“ killer ”profile, knowing only where to start or what information is really important, all this can initially be intimidating”, – Ms. Baird writes on LinkedIn blog.

How to improve your linkedin profile

To help professionals, representatives of Link Humans and LinkedIn have teamed up and offered 10 tips for creating the perfect profile:

  1. Sell ​​yourself. One of the important points for this is to properly advertise on your page.
  2. Do not forget to specify in your profile the list of industries in which you work. Adding directions you specialize in increases the number of page views by 15 times.
  3. Take advantage of new posting tools on LinkedIn. Posting posts is a great way to be noticed and noticed.
  4. Be sure to include keywords so that you can be easily found in the search. Having 40 or more such words increases the likelihood that you will be found by a potential employer.
  5. Not only speak, but also demonstrate. Add multimedia files to increase profile popularity. Even the simple addition of a photo can result in 14 times more visitors to the page.
  6. Be precise. Do not be afraid to use details when describing past jobs or employers.
  7. Streamline your skills to make sure the most important ones are on top. Users who indicate their skills are 13 times more popular than those who have ignored this item.
  8. Join your interest groups. First, they will be visible in your profile. Secondly, the likelihood that your profile will be found precisely due to the presence or activity in the group increases 5 times.
  9. Point out the experience of volunteer work. Volunteering can sometimes be as important as work experience. More than 40% of recruiters surveyed by LinkedIn said they view volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience.
  10. Be specific with your education. This will undoubtedly be noticed. Users who indicate education in their profile receive an average of 10 times more views than those who do not.
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